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Professional Sales and Marketing

It's one of the most common jobs for students graduating with a sales degree — 60 percent of all business majors and 88 percent of all marketing majors begin their professional careers in a sales-related role. And that fast-paced, exciting journey begins here at Commonwealth University!

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.S.B.A.
  • Bloomsburg
Program Contact
Chair of the Department of Business Innovation & Technology
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First of Its Kind in Pennsylvania

CU-Bloomsburg was first named among the top North American schools in 2015 by the Sales Education Foundation’s (SEF) listing of the best universities offering professional sales education. We are one of only nine Pennsylvania institutions included in the listing. SEF recognizes institutions for elevating the sales profession through university education, helping you to secure the professional sales position you want and deserve.

Students also have the opportunity to test their skills at various national sales competitions and internally at the annual on-campus competition. In addition, one of the program requirements is to engage in real-world selling. CU sales students have had great success in the sales profession securing positions with a number of corporations.

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Courses and Curriculum

To prepare for a BSBA in Professional Sales and Marketing, students take a combination of specialized business classes and round them out with general education courses.

Degree Requirements Degree Works

Note: Degree requirements effective for enrolled students beginning Fall 2023. All enrolled students, including matriculating students prior to Fall 2023, can review their degree program requirements and track progress to degree completion with our degree audit and advisement tool, Degree Works.

Students completing the program should possess the critical thinking, problem solving, and technical skills to be able to:

  1. Identify and explain the various steps of the personal selling process.
  2. Demonstrate effective sales presentations and the professional selling skills needed to deliver them.
  3. Explain the process of researching and identifying customer needs, understanding the customer buying behavior and process, consulting with customers, and offering solutions to their needs and problems.
  4. Explain the key functions of the sales management process incluing the recruitment, selection, training, motivation, evaluation, and compensation of the sales force.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of marketing.
  6. Apply quantitative marketing techniques.
  7. Identify the elements of international marketing.
  8. Ability to solve and communicate solutions to applied marketing problems.
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Commonwealth U Because

Professional Engagement

CU-Bloomsburg is a full member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA). We are one of 40 full members in the country and the only university in Pennsylvania recognized with full membership. In order to qualify as a member, a sales program must meet specific criteria including a specified curriculum, a sales lab, a director, an active sales advisory board, and participation in sales competitions.

The USCA is a consortium of sales centers connecting university faculty members with many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Together, these credible and innovative educators advocate for the continuing advancement of the sales profession through teaching, research, and outreach.

The Commonwealth U DIFFERENCE

Many top, global corporations only recruit from AACSB-accredited schools. Those grads are offered better, more competitive salaries.
SEF Top Sales Program icon
SEF Top Sales Program
The Sales Education Foundation has recognized Commonwealth University as a Top Sales Program

Program Contacts


Monica Favia

  • Chair of the Department of Business Innovation & Technology
  • Bloomsburg

Ronda Mariani

  • MBA Program Director/Associate Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales
  • Bloomsburg

Michael Huben

  • Instructor of Marketing and Professional Sales/ProfessionalU Fellow
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Jung Kim

  • Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales
  • Bloomsburg
CommonwealthU University Employee

Thomas Tanner

  • Associate Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales
  • Bloomsburg

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