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This is an innovative, fast-paced, two-year program leading to an Associate of Science in Nursing degree. It is designed to give you the hands-on clinical experiences needed to become an excellent nurse. In addition to your coursework, you will rotate through quality healthcare facilities, all within a reasonable distance from the Lock Haven and Clearfield campuses.

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The Associate of Science in Nursing Program prepares nurses to manage direct care to patients with commonly recurring illnesses in acute and long-term health care facilities. There is an optional externship program between the first and second years and a semester long preceptorship experience during the last semester. All graduates are eligible to take the licensing exam for registered nurses. The Associate of Science in Nursing Program at Commonwealth University - Lock Haven and Clearfield is committed to excellence in nursing education.

A common goal of our faculty is to graduate outstanding students who are ready and able to provide excellent nursing care and services using theory and evidence-based practice. The program prepares our students to make judgments and carry out nursing care based on critical thinking and research-based knowledge for health promotion and maintenance, prevention of disease, and rehabilitation. Nursing is a dynamic career with many opportunities. Registered nursing is a prime occupation for job and professional growth. RNs are always in demand in Pennsylvania and in other states.

The ASN Nursing Education Program is accredited by ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.) and is fully-approved by the PA State Board of Nursing.

Course Delivery 



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Courses and Curriculum

The Associate of Science in Nursing courses consist of liberal arts and selected sciences, as well as nursing courses. Each required course listed on the curriculum worksheet must be taken in the designated sequence as knowledge builds from less complex to more complex. Nursing courses include theoretical and clinical components.

Topics covered include:

  • Foundations of Nursing
  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Maternal Child
  • Behavioral Health
  • Geriatrics

Degree Requirements Nursing (ASN) Checksheet Degree Works

Note: Degree requirements effective for enrolled students beginning Fall 2023. All enrolled students, including matriculating students prior to Fall 2023, can review their degree program requirements and track progress to degree completion with our degree audit and advisement tool, Degree Works.

  • GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Algebra- earning a C or higher. From high school or college level.
  • Biology with a lab- earning a C or higher. From high school or college level.
  • Chemistry with a lab- earning a C or higher. From high school or college level.
  • TEAS composite score of 65% or higher

PLEASE NOTE: Disclaimer: Those who apply that do not meet the admission criteria may or may not be added to a waitlist to be considered for the program when application criteria is met. Acceptance is highly competitive. Being added to the waitlist does not guarantee acceptance into the ASN program.


All applications are processed through the Commonwealth University – Lock Haven Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will correspond with applicants about missing paperwork or inability to meeting the competitive prerequisite requirements.

Early Deadline: December 1st Nursing admissions committee will review only completed files received by the above date. Applicants will be notified of their decision via email in late December

Regular Deadline: March 1st Nursing admissions committee will review only completed files received by the above date. Applicants will be notified of their decision via email in early April

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure all course information has been submitted with your nursing application by the deadline in order for your application to be considered complete. Only completed course final grades will be accepted for prerequisite courses, not courses in progress.


Apply online using the Commonwealth University application

High school students must submit transcripts from high school, including dual enrollment courses.

Transfer students must submit official transcripts from high school and every college they have attended.

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance into Commonwealth University - Lock Haven does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing program. Admission to the nursing program is a separate process. Applicants for the nursing program are considered on a competitive basis for fall semester start date only. 

CU Student Interested in Changing Major 

Directions for Current CU Student- Application for Fall 2025


You will need to have a minimum composite score of 65 on the TEAS exam as part of your admission application. You may take the exam once in a calendar year, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31.

The School of Nursing will accept TEAS scores from exams taken at (1) Lock Haven University (2) remotely through ATI; or (3) at another University. If you take the exam remotely or at another University it is your responsibility to have your scores sent to Lock Haven University. To register for the TEAS exam go to ATI Testing webpage.


If you have questions about the application requirements or the application process please contact the Admissions Office at 570-484-2027 or

The philosophy of the Breiner School of Nursing at Commonwealth University reflects the values and beliefs of faculty which provide a strong foundation for each nursing program, associate to doctoral, and contributes to excellence in professional nursing practice. Our program will prepare the graduate to be proficient in nursing competencies for clinical practice. Our philosophy is based on the belief that nursing is a unique and valuable profession that requires a commitment to caring, career-lifelong learning, innovation, and professional development. We believe that nurses should be competent, compassionate, and provide person-centered holistic care. Faculty believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment that equips students with the necessary cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, clinical judgement, and commitment to the values of the profession to function as effective nurse leaders. The faculty recognize diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences based on the students’ individual learning needs, learning styles, and readiness. Learning is a continuous, career-life-long process that occurs throughout domains enhanced by an environment that encompasses critical thinking, clinical reasoning, clinical judgment, evidence-based practice, clinical simulation, and person-centered holistic care. In a developmental manner, students will progress from knowledge to proficiency in the eight core concepts. We are committed to providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to succeed as competent, compassionate, and person-centered professional nurses.

Core Concepts:

  • Clinical Judgment
  • Communication
  • Compassionate Care
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Ethics
  • Health policy
  • Social determinates of Health
Class of 202396.08% *Exceeds state and national Average
Class of 202275.51%
Class of 202174.63%
Class of 202089.09% *Exceeds state and national Average
Class of 201994.12% *Exceeds state and national Average
Class of 201889.13% *Exceeds state and national Average
LHU ASN Program Completion
Expected Level of AchievementYearCompletion
75% of all students who begin the first nursing course in the generic ASN program will complete the program on time, which is 4 academic semesters.202180.23%
Same as above202081.33%
Same as above201983.33
LHU ASN Program Job Placement
Expected Level of AchievementYearPlacement
80% of ASN graduates are employed within a year post-graduation.202192%
Same as above2020100%
Same as above201992%
LHU ASN Program Performance on Licensure Examination
Expected Level of AchievementYearPass Rate
The program's mpst recent annual licensure examination pass rates will be at least 80% for all first-time test-takers during the same 12-month period.202174.63%
Same as above202089.09%
Same as above201994.12%
Same as above201889.13%

Upon completion of the Commonwealth University – Lock Haven Associate Degree nursing program, the graduate is prepared to:

  • Provide nursing care across the lifespan, adapted to the health care consumer’s physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, developmental, and spiritual dimensions of health. (Patient-Centered Care)
  • Demonstrate professional nursing behaviors, evidencing integrity, legal accountability, ethical responsibility, advocacy, caring and a commitment to lifelong learning. (Professionalism)
  • Select informatics and technology to manage information, minimize error, and achieve defined health care outcomes. (Informatics and Technology)
  • Select effective and professional communication skills. (Communication)
  • Interpret effective relationships with health care consumers and members of the health care team in order to meet mutually determined health care outcomes. (Teamwork and Collaboration)
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide nursing care that protects health care consumers and health care personnel from health and environmental hazards. (Safety)
  • Evaluate the principles of quality improvement to achieve cost effective, patient-centered outcomes. (Quality Improvement)
  • Use critical reasoning and best current evidence to make nursing care decisions. (Evidence-Based Practice)
  • Select leadership strategies to direct nursing care, promote change and foster achievement of health care goals. (Leadership).
  • Demonstrate professional nursing behaviors related to global health practices that include the effects of the culturally diverse community, from the individual to global perspectives, on such areas as disease transmission, violence, health care policy, and health care economics. (System Based Practice/Global Awareness)
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Why Commonwealth U?

Professional Preparation

96% NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for 2023


From honorariums to full-tuition waivers, scholarships exist to reward your hard work and dedication to the major. 

The Commonwealth Difference

Commonwealth University Associate Degree program, located on the Lock Haven and Clearfield Campuses, is fully accredited by ACEN through Spring 2030.
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The Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania Breiner School of Nursing mission is to promote excellence, value diversity, and provide education to meet the various and changing health care needs. The educational process which integrates the concepts from the liberal arts and sciences prepares professional nurses at the associate, baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral levels emphasizing critical thinking, clinical judgment, and disparate experiences and perspectives.

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Faculty deliver courses in technology-enhanced classrooms with vast multimedia capabilities. Students can access open computer labs and campus wireless network when using personally-owned devices. Students can request technology resources from the Stevenson or Founder’s Hall Library, Media Services.

Connect with our Faculty

Jessica Bower

Jessica Bower

  • Assistant Professor / Chairperson, Breiner School of Nursing - Undergraduate
  • Bloomsburg

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