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GIS and Spatial Analysis (Minor)

Spatial analysis and geographic information systems is a mouthful of words, and most people simply refer to the entire field more loosely as GIS or sometimes GIScience. The modern world runs on data, and much of that data is best organized and analyzed by placing it on a two- or even three-dimensional map.

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Associate Professor of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences
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This is what we mean by GIS.

It’s a technical field.

Government, military, commercial and other interests rely on information about the land and the location and characteristics of people and resources. For centuries, maps have served as the primary mechanism for managing, analyzing and communicating geospatial information.

With the advent of the computer, geospatial technologies, and digital data this process evolved considerably and moved into the digital age. This minor introduces you to geographic information systems (GIS), particularly the technologies and mapping/analysis techniques that will compliment your current intended major.

Courses and Curriculum

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Commonwealth Because

Licensure and Certification

There are many certifications that can set you apart from the herd. Perhaps the first to consider is the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Entry level exam. After completing the minor program, you will have a solid foundation in the concepts and skills you will need to prepare for this first step.

The Commonwealth Difference

Median Pay
Average annual salary for cartographers and GIS specialists, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cartographer and Photogrammetrist Career

GIS student Orienteering Course

GIS Students Develop Orienteering Course

ROTC cadet Nicholas Correll had an idea one day while sitting in his geographic information system (GIS) class. Instead of driving 30 minutes for ROTC land navigation trainings, why not just create an orienteering course on upper campus?

Data Mining Conservation

Data Mining Helps with Florida Forest Conservation

A remote sensing geography class from CU - Bloomsburg played a key role in the conservation of a 14-acre southern Florida forest home to protected wildlife that’s been fending off urban and commercial development for the past 60 years.

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