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Environmental Geoscience (Minor)

The Environmental Geoscience minor is a blend of geography, geology, and environmental science that allows students to explore their interest in the different Earth “spheres” (atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere) and study ways to prevent, mitigate, manage, and remediate the impacts of human-Earth System interactions.

Degrees & Offerings
  • Minor
  • Bloomsburg
  • Lock Haven
  • Mansfield
Program Contact
Associate Professor of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences
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The minor provides added expertise to students interested in graduate school or careers related to water, soil, and the environment such as environmental law, environmental planning, environmental policy, international relations, and green supply chain management.

Students interested in the Environmental Geoscience Minor should consult their advisor for information on course requirements. More information will be added to this page when available.

Courses and Curriculum

Students in the EG minor should 

  1. Demonstrate comprehension of basic principles in the primary areas of knowledge in geography or geosciences, 
  2. Use relevant tools and instruments in a lab and/or field setting to collect and analyze data pertinent to geographical or geological problem solving, 
  3. Evaluate and interpret both quantitative and qualitative data for problem solving, and 
  4. Communicate graphically, orally and in writing. Students in the minor will demonstrate their achievement of these outcomes in discipline-appropriate assessments.

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