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Creative Writing (Minor)

Have you ever dreamed of creating a strong character like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, whose multi-book adventures are complex and exciting? Have you ever wanted to build a world as creative and detailed as the one in your favorite video game? Do you have a journal filled with poems and wonder how you can improve them and perhaps get them published? Then the Creative Writing minor is for you!

Degrees & Offerings
  • Minor
  • Bloomsburg
  • Lock Haven
  • Mansfield
Program Contact
Chair of the Department of English, Languages and Cultures / Professor
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Students in our creative writing program study a range of literatures, from classical to contemporary, and participate in writing workshops in several genres of their choice. 

Creative writing faculty are all published writers, with active scholarly agendas that repeatedly see acknowledgement through literary prizes and ongoing publication.

Courses and Curriculum

  1. Interpret critically and analytically a range of literatures from different periods and perspectives. (Core Global Lit requirement, Diversity, Author in Context, and Lit and Culture courses, PDE I.C.)
  2. Write clearly and effectively in a variety of creative, professional, and/or scholarly contexts. (Core Lit Studies requirement, Power of Language requirement, and Professionalization/Capstone requirement, PDE I.D.)
  3. Research effectively using traditional and emerging resources. (Core Lit Studies requirement, upper division courses, and Professionalization/Capstone requirement, PDE I.F.)
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of language, grammars, and linguistics. (Core Grammars requirement and Power of Language requirement, PDE I.A)

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