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Anthropology (Minor)

The Anthropology minor parallels the major in introducing each of the sub-fields taught at CUP (Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology).

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The Anthropology minor does not require advanced courses in theory or a capstone course. Students will understand and be able to apply anthropological theories and methods to the study of humanity's past, present, and future.  Students will be critical thinkers and effective communicators who able to address emerging issues faces by humanity. Anthropology minors will be well-prepared to enter the workforce in a variety of fields and be better prepared to pursue graduate education. 


Courses and Curriculum

Successful Anthropology Minors will be able to

  1. Identify the ways in which diverse worldviews operate and are experienced at individual, cultural, and global levels and how they interact with human behavior, biology, material culture, and the environment.
  2. Identify and describe anthropological theories and concepts relating to human bio-cultural evolution and the impact of historical forces in shaping approaches to understanding the human condition.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of anthropological ideas, ethics, applications, and research through written, visual and verbal analyses to communicate effectively within the discipline and to the public.
  4. Interpret data and apply appropriate analytical techniques to evaluate potential solutions to biological, cultural, and environmental issues to promote informed decision-making and action.

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