PRP 7635 - Sabbatical Travel Expenses

Issued by: Larry W. Jones, Interim President
Effective Date: January, 1985

  1. A faculty member on sabbatical leave will not be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the fulfillment of the sabbatical leave plans for which the leave was granted. Only in very rare or unique circumstances should a person on sabbatical leave perform an assignment for the University - at the request of the President or Vice President that such expenses will be reimbursed. Funds awarded by the Faculty Professional Development Committee for faculty research grants are independent of the sabbatical leave proposal and thus are not subject to the restriction in the first paragraph above.
  2. A faculty member on sabbatical is eligible for faculty travel awards when he/she is on a program of a national, regional or local conference. An application following the same procedures as applicable to all faculty members in the department shall be made by the sabbatical faculty to request such funds. Funding such travel expenses will also follow the same procedure and priority as applicable to any non-sabbatical faculty. In a similar manner reimbursement of travel expenses can be made to a sabbatical faculty by his/her department when such reimbursements are accorded to all other active faculty.