PRP 5530 - University Mail Room Policy

Issued by: Robert Parrish, V.P. for Administration Re-issued 3/01: Sharon Meyer, V.P. for Administration and Finance
Effective Date: May 8, 1989
NOTES: Effective date of original University Mail Room Policy July 1, 1988 Rev. Approved by the General Administration Committee, May 8, 1989. Reviewed by GAC October 18, 2000 Approved by GAC December 6, 2000 Approved by Forum March 2001

Mail to be filed in student boxes must be submitted in numerical order by residence hall and contain the name and number of the box holder. Inter-office mail for faculty and staff should be grouped and banded by each academic or administrative department.

Notices with time-value must be submitted at least 5 active school days before the pertinent date to allow time for filing and student pickup.

NO advertising to individual students (in volume) of activities that can be generally advertised through other University media (special Event, Program Board, Cultural affairs, etc.) will be filed in student boxes.

No unstamped mail will be filed for fundraising, soliciting, or advertising, for non-University organizations. Filing of fliers, brochures, etc. from University groups will be done as soon as possible.

All use of the University postage meter or bulk permit is subject to Federal and Commonwealth postal regulations.

Mailroom personnel may screen and, with proper consultation determine the appropriateness of unstamped mail. Mailings or notices not in accordance with the University policy will be returned or held for pickup. Stamped mail is handled according to U.S. Postal Services regulations.

All mail sent to the University Mail Room for metering must have the current cost center of the sender on the upper left corner of the envelope. All mail not identified by cost center will be opened to determine sender and returned. All mail not sent to the Mail Room in proper order could be delayed several days.