PRP 5391 - Damages in Residence Halls

Issued by: Boyd F. Buckingham, V.P. for Administration
Re-issued 4/01: Sharon K. Meyer, Vice President Administration and Finance
Notes: Approved by GAC January 31, 2001 Approved by Forum April 4, 2001

All damages in the residence halls, after having been reported, will be inspected by the Area Coordinator/Residence Director, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Physical Plant representative. A cost assessment for repair or replacement, which will include labor and materials, will then be determined by the appropriate Physical Plant Representative and sent to the Assistant Director of Residence Life.

In the event the damage (room and/or common area) can be assigned to a specific individual(s), the Area Coordinator/Residence Director will meet with those individuals to discuss the damage and charges. A Damage Report Form will then be forwarded to the Business Office for billing and a copy sent to the individuals and Assistant Director of Residence Life.

When the damage cannot be assigned to an individual (common area) charges may be assessed on a pro-rated basis to students who use or have access to the area as determined by the Residence Life Staff. If the damages amount to more than $5.00 per person and more than a total of $100.00, the students affected will be billed directly by the Business Office after the Area Coordinator/Residence Director has notified that office.

Damages not fitting into this category will be considered minor and will be handled by the Area Coordinator/Residence Director. The Area Coordinator shall keep a record of the amount of money collected, the individual from whom it is collected and a receipt given to the individual with a copy sent to the Assistant Director of Residence Life. The money collected will be transmitted as soon as possible to the Business Office to be deposited in the Residence Life 81220A account. In the event these charges are not paid within two calendar weeks after the student has been notified by the Area Coordinator/Residence Director, they will be turned over to the Business Office for collection. The Business Office will then add a $2.00 collection fee to the original damage assessment.