PRP 5366 - University Provided Cellular Phone Equipment/Service and Other Wireless Communications Devices Usage

Issued by: Dr. Richard H. Rugen, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Effective Date: May 1, 2009
Notes: Reviewed by FORUM March 25, 2009 and April 22, 2009.
Approved by FORUM April 22, 2009


The University seeks to achieve maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness when employing cell phone service and other wireless communications device technology as a business solution; to comply with IRS rules and regulations governing the taxability of these devices, and to effectively manage the business use of such devices.

The Policy

There are some circumstances where a “departmentally assigned cellular phone or other wireless communications device” is deemed appropriate. In these instances, the University will provide the wireless communication device equipment and service. Personal use of such equipment and service is prohibited. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and administrators who, as part of their official University employment, are assigned a university owned wireless communication device for use during their assigned work schedule only.



The employee must maintain a record of the business purpose of each business related call/activity, specifically the amount of the expense, date and time of each call/activity, and business purpose.


The supervisor, as part of their review process, shall randomly audit the employee’s call logs to confirm that personal calls/activities were not made.


Wireless Communication Device 

A device that transmits and receives voice, data, and/or text without being physically connected to University network. This definition includes but is not limited to such devices as cellular telephones, pagers, wireless internet services, wireless data devices and cellular telephone/two-way devices. This policy does not include radio devices that interface with a defined non-public radio frequency such as the 800 MHz Statewide Radio System.

Policy will be implemented based upon most current wireless communications and other wireless communications devices stipend procedures.