PRP 5230 - Policy for Releasing Information from Bloomsburg University Police to Marketing and Communication

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, V.P. for Administration
Effective Date: 2/16/87
Updated : February 2012
Endorsed by Forum: October 2012


  1. The Office of Marketing and Communication will provide to the media all information about incidents on campus.
  2. Bloomsburg University Police will notify the Office of Communications anytime they become aware of an incident that occurs on or off campus that could have a significant impact on university personnel, students, property, activities, etc. These include but are not limited to; felonies, crimes of violence, discharge of any firearm on campus or the discharge of a firearm off campus by a BUPD member not actively engaged in firearms training, bomb threats, fires on campus that cause significant property damage and/or pose an immediate life safety concern, abduction, sexual assaults, riots, missing persons, any incident that results in death or is a potentially death threatening situation, natural or manmade disasters or any situation that may result in news media coverage.
  3. Names of juvenile offenders or sexual assault victims will not be released.
  4. Routine desk log incidents such as inquires, unsubstantiated rumors, and minor infractions such as traffic citations will not be routinely reported to the Office of Marketing and Communication.
  5. The Office of Marketing and Communication will agree not to release information to the media about an incident if the judgment of the Bloomsburg University Police is that such a release of information may jeopardize an on-going investigation.