PRP 5225 - Mandatory Fire Drills Within University Buildings

Issued by: Sharon K. Meyer, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Effective date: 9/12/84
Notes: Approved by GAC December 6, 2000.

Fire drills shall be regularly conducted within all University buildings. The provisions of this policy shall be applicable to all University faculty, staff and students.

The responsibility for the planning, enforcement, and conduct of these fire drills shall be assigned only to persons qualified to exercise leadership. These persons, as indicated below and on attachment 1 hereto, will jointly insure every modification in detail of procedure to make the drills most effective for their intended purpose in any individual building.

  • University Safety Officer: To insure an atmosphere of preparedness exists at all times.
  • Residence Hall Directors: To plan, enforce, conduct, and report periodic fire drills within their respective residence halls.
  • Building Coordinators: To plan, enforce, conduct, observe, and report periodic fire drills within their assigned buildings.

Fire drills shall be held with sufficient frequency so as to familiarize all building occupants with the drill procedures and to have the conduct of the drill a matter of established routine. Drills shall be held at unexpected times and under varying conditions so as to simulate the unusual conditions obtained in case of a fire.

  • Each Residence Hall: At least one fire drill per month during occupancy.
  • Each Classroom Building: At least one fire drill each semester. Classroom building fire drills will be conducted approximately ten minutes prior to the scheduled completion of the last morning class. Example: 11:45am (personal belongings should be taken when evacuating the building.)

Fire drills shall include suitable procedures that will insure that all persons in the building actually participate. Fire alarm facilities shall be used to implement all fire drills. Fire drills should emphasize orderly evacuation. Fire drills shall not include any fire extinguishing operations. All evacuees shall, once outside the building, remain a reasonable distance away from the building and all entrances.

The following personnel will report to the scene of the fire drill and standby for further instructions from competent authority:

  • During normal administrative hours: All Law Enforcement personnel on duty and one maintenance representative, preferably electrician.
  • During other than normal administrative hours: All Law Enforcement personnel on duty.

A written report of each fire drill conducted will be prepared by the applicable resident dean or building coordinator immediately following the fire drill and furnished the University Safety Officer who will in turn, maintain an accumulative record of all fire drills conducted. The form illustrated below will be used for this purpose.


Bloomsburg Pennsylvania


SUBJECT: Fire Drill Report DATE:_________________________

TO: Safety and Law Enforcement

Attention: Safety Officer

Building:___________________________________ Date of Fire Drill________________________

Time To Evacuate Building:____________________ Time of Fire Drill_______________________

Alarm system activated from Fire Alarm Station Number:_____________________

Unusual circumstances, if any, and comments or remarks:


Cc: Safety Officer Fire Marshall or Observer Conducting Fire Drill