PRP 5221 - Safety Policy Statement

Issued by: Richard H. Rugen, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Effective Date: May 20, 2004
Notes: Issued as an interim PRP May 20, 2004
Updated : February 17, 2012
Endorsed by Forum: October 2012

I. Scope:


II. Purpose:

To provide a safe and healthful work place for all students, faculty, staff and visitors and to establish a written safety policy statement.

III. Program:

A. Bloomsburg University is committed to providing a quality education in an atmosphere that promotes the health and safety of all campus constituents. The focus is to develop a campus environment free of recognized hazards.
B. A safety program will be established and maintained under the leadership of the Safety Administrator. The Safety Administrator has primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the University's Safety Program and has the authority to immediately resolve issues of imminent danger.
C. The Safety Administrator is the designated Accident and Illness Prevention Program Coordinator.
D. Operating under the premise that accidents can be prevented, the University will strive to provide a safe and healthful environment through training and educational programs and the development of written procedures.
E. Supervision, at all levels, and departments, have the authority and responsibility to implement and enforce safety and health practices, regulations, policy and procedures. All employees, students and visitors shall observe safe practices, regulations, policy and procedures.
F. The campus safety philosophy will be that safety and health issues are shared by all.
G. A campus wide safety committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Safety Administrator.