PRP 4955- Identification Card Policy

Issued by: Jerrold A. Griffis, Vice President for Student Life
Effective Date: September, 1978
NOTES: Established by Student Life Administration in September, 1978. Revised May 30, 1991 and Fall Semester

Identification cards are issued to all University students and employees and are intended to be used as the primary source of identification on University property and to access University services while providing a more secure University community. ID card functions include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Access into University buildings, apartments and individual residence hall rooms.
  2. Access to dining facilities for board plan, flex dollars, premium points, bonus points, and Husky Gold transactions.
  3. Facilitating cashless transactions for campus vending, laundry, Student Health Center, University Bookstore and other University services that charge a fee.
  4. Admittance into Community Government Association sponsored events and activities.
  5. Signing out material from the Library.
  6. General admittance into athletic events.
  7. Admittance into the Student Recreation Center.
  8. Basic identification purposes.


As the primary source of identification, cashless commerce and building access, students and employees are asked to carry their I.D. card with them at all times and to present it to the University Police or other University officials when requested in order to maintain student safety and the security of the University. It is a violation of the University Code of Conduct to manufacture false I.D. cards or to deface, alter or knowingly use altered or false I.D. cards. It is also a violation to misrepresent oneself in order to ascertain a false I.D. card. I.D. cards are valid as long as the holder is a continuing member of the University community.


Students and employees receive a photo identification card free of charge when they are initially employed or enrolled at the University. The cost of replacement of lost or damaged I.D. cards or requests for a new card is $20. Students and employees must present another form of picture identification when an I.D. card is replaced to verify one’s identity. Identification Cards are the property of Bloomsburg University and can only be used for University purposes. I.D. Cards are not transferable. All questions regarding the Identification Card system or process of replacement cards should be directed to the BU Card Center, Elwell Residence Hall, 389-5410.