PRP 4815 - Tailgating Policy

Initial release, 4/22/13; Reviewed by Forum, Approved Emergency Implementation after First Reading, 4/24/13; Second Reading, Recommended for Approval, 3/26/14

Rationale for Policy

For purposes of this policy, tailgating is a picnic and/or social event that accompanies an athletic event. With appropriate risk management measures in place, tailgating can be an effective enhancement to the community experience and bolster a sense of pride and spirit associated with our university community, particularly athletic events.


Tailgating, alcohol, alcoholic beverage policy

Background Information

Bloomsburg University recognizes that athletic events are an important component of the university experience. This policy is being created to formalize the tailgating experience already growing surrounding our athletic events. The goal is to assure a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. Thus the following guidelines are designed to clarify individual responsibilities so that everyone may enjoy being on campus.


  • Tailgating and picnicking is approved only in the designated area (Orange Lot) adjacent to the softball outfield.
  • A tailgate event may begin three hours before kickoff but can last no later than two hours following the conclusion of the game.
  • The consumption of alcohol is permitted only during pre-game, halftime, and one hour following the conclusion of the game. No alcohol can be consumed during game play.
  • Only those individuals over the age of 21 may possess, consume, transport, or store alcoholic beverages (must have I.D. available at all times).
  • Tailgaters must incorporate a substantial quantity and quality of food into their activity and non-alcoholic beverages must be offered.
  • No kegs and other large volume containers will be allowed at any tailgating event.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be poured into a container made of plastic or like substance. No visible cans or bottles. No glass allowed.
  • Drinking games and all associated drinking paraphernalia is strictly prohibited (beer pong, beer funnels, etc.).
  • Courtesy must be provided to all other tailgaters with regards to noise, language, etc.
  • Soliciting and sales of any food, merchandise, or other products is not permitted by anyone unless they have the proper University approval to do so.
  • No overnight parking or camping allowed (including RV’s). There will be no utility hookups available.
  • All parking must be within the designated tailgating zone.
  • All vehicles must be confined to their designated space. Any additional amenities, grills, furniture, etc., must be used within the allotted space.
  • Tailgaters are responsible for cleaning trash and debris from their area following the conclusion of each tailgate.
  • All University policies are enforced throughout campus including tailgate areas.
  • The Bloomsburg University Police or any other law enforcement agency reserve the right to remove any individual or group who fail to abide by these guidelines, are deemed unruly or are not abiding by the spirit of tailgating in the BU Community. Removal can be for a specific game or permanently.
  • All tailgaters will need to be in possession of a valid game ticket once the game has begun.