Issued by: Preston Herring, Vice President for Student Affairs
Effective Date: 5/23/05
Notes: Reviewed Student Life Standing Committee (SLSC) fall 2004; Reviewed and updated by SLSC 2/09/05, Reviewed by Secretariat 1/24/05; Updated by SLSC 2/10/05 and 3/15/05; Reviewed by Secretariat 3/21/05; Approved by Forum 4/23/05


It is a violation of State and Federal law for any individual to illegally possess, use, sell, manufacture or transfer controlled substances or similar drugs or to illegally dispense or transfer prescribed medications, drugs, or drug paraphernalia*. Exceptions may be made when used for research or for specific educational purposes as permitted by State and Federal law.

The following items represent the University's drug policy:

It shall be the responsibility of Bloomsburg University faculty, staff, and students to make themselves aware of State and Federal laws and Bloomsburg University's drug policy.

In accordance with Federal mandates, the University will communicate its position on, and the legal ramifications of, drug use and abuse to all students and employees.

Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the provisions in the Student Code of Conduct and independent of any external legal action. Sanctions may include suspension or expulsion from the University. Additionally, students whose actions in relationship to possessing or providing controlled substances/drugs are deemed at risk to the Bloomsburg University community are subject to interim suspension pending a judicial hearing in accordance with the provisions in the Student Code of Conduct. The administration of any drug to an unknowing individual shall incur a suspension of no less than one academic semester and may include a longer suspension or expulsion.

University employees who violate this policy (in the course of their duties) will be subject to disciplinary proceedings as defined by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or by the appropriate supervisor.

Individuals who are not members of the campus community who violate the University's drug policy and whose actions are not in compliance with the orderly operation of the University will be prosecuted in accordance with State and Federal law and will be required to leave campus upon request of a University official.

When the University and Student Affairs Office is notified by an official from another university/college or any police department of drug related misconduct, the student or group of students may be subject to Bloomsburg University's disciplinary proceedings.

Bloomsburg University may disclose information to a parent or legal guardian of a student found in violation of this policy by a disciplinary hearing and then only in accordance with State and Federal laws.

* "Paraphernalia" as used in this policy is defined in United States Code, Title 21, and section 863.