PRP 4722 - Student Employment and Payment from Grants Accounts

Issued by: John Walker, V. P. for Institutional Advancement
Effective Date: November 28, 1984
Notes: Approved by CCIA, 11/7/84; RAX, 11/14/84; and Representative Assembly, 11/28/84.
Revised: Spring 2012 by Student Life Standing Committee

Bloomsburg University students may be employed and paid from grant funds received by the University. In order to comply with both University regulations and requirements of the grant, the following procedures must be completed before a student begins work:

  • Any planned reimbursement to students through grant accounts must be included as a budget line item in the approved grant.
  • The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Student Employment Application.
  • The supervisor must have a signed Supervisor Agreement on file in the Financial Aid Office.
  • The supervisor completes a Grant Appointment Form, obtained from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • The Financial Aid Office processes the Student Employment Application based on the terms of the Grant Appointment Form and issues a placement card to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor forwards the completed placement card to Student Payroll. If the student is not currently active in the student payroll system, payroll forms (I-9, W4, etc.) must be completed and submitted to Student Payroll prior to the student beginning work.

These procedures are necessary to avoid personal and institutional liability and to make adequate provision for payment of worker's compensation, Social Security, etc.

Faculty and staff who are grant recipients or project managers are reminded that students are eligible for student employment regardless of financial status. Proof of financial need is not required but accurate record keeping of payment of students and the student employment program is necessary.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.