PRP 3880 - Graduate Course Repeat

Issued by: James K. Krause, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2017
Notes: Endorsed by Graduate Council February 25, 1991. Endorsed by Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee April 3, 1991. Presented as information item to University Forum April 24, 1991. Revised at BUCC February 12, 1997. Presented to University Forum April 2, 1997. Revised and Endorsed by Graduate Council February 1, 2017. Revised by BUCC 03/1/2017. Presented to University Forum 3/20/2017


Upon approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies, a maximum of two courses may be repeated, only one of which can have a grade of C- or below. The student will submit his/her request to the Graduate Program Coordinator and department Chairperson, and their response to the student’s request for course repeat shall be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies in writing. Upon course repeat, the initial grade remains on the transcript as part of the student's permanent record. The grade of the repeated course is part of the permanent record and is used to calculate the student's quality grade point average.

Course repeats for grades less than B and greater than C- do not have to be taken at Bloomsburg University. Course equivalents taken outside of Bloomsburg University must be reviewed and approved for program deviation by the Program Coordinator and the Dean of Graduate Studies. A course taken at Bloomsburg University in which a grade of less than C (Q.P.A. less than 2.0) has been earned may only be repeated at Bloomsburg University.