PRP 3451 - Credit by Examination for RN's

Issued by: Patrick J. Schloss Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2003
NOTES: Approved by the Coordinating Committee on Academic Affairs, 1/26/83 Approved by RAX, 2/16/83 Accepted by the Representative Assembly, 3/2/83 Revised by BUCC October 1995 Revised by BUCC January 29, 2003 Presented to the University Forum February 5, 2003

The minimum credit requirement for a baccalaureate degree at Bloomsburg University is 120 semester hours. These credits may be attained through successful completion of courses offered at Bloomsburg University, the transfer of credit, and/or the successful completion of advanced placement examinations. At least 30 of the last 60 semester hours credited toward this degree must by taken in residence at Bloomsburg University. This does not include the credits earned through advanced placement.

A registered nurse holding a current license may petition for the privilege of establishing credit by examination in a course or courses in the Department of Nursing at Bloomsburg University. The Department of Nursing adheres to the policy for credit by examination established by the parent institution (refer to BU undergraduate catalog), emphasizing several very significant factors:

The student must present *evidence of equivalent experience of the course content either through experience other than college attendance or through independent study of the course content.

The student must present *evidence of equivalent experience if the course involves laboratory or studio work.

In addition, the following regulations govern the departmental policy for credit by examination:

  • 82.305 Role Development for the Nurse Generalist, 82.306 Introduction to Nursing Research, 82.410 Community Health Nursing, and 82.413 Leadership and Management in Nursing are required courses and may not be petitioned for credit by examination.
  • A petition for credit by examination may be filed on the dates designated by the department if the RN demonstrates evidence of completing the prerequisites to each course.
  • A petition may be filed only once for each course.

*Evidence of adequate experience/equivalent experience: Transcripts and supportive data submitted by the RN will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine whether or not previous theoretical and experiential learning has been validated.