Issued by: Patrick J. Schloss Ph.D., Provost and Vice President For Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall Semester 2002
Notes: Approved by the Coordination Committee on Academic Affairs, 12/8/82. Approved by RAX 1/20/83. Approved by Representative Assembly 2/2/83. Revised by BUCC 2/13/02. Presented to the Forum 3/6/02.

A student completes registration before attending classes. Registration is the student's official notification to the university of his/her enrollment for the semester. Normally, it is to be completed before the first day of classes. Students may register late until the close of business on the fifth day of classes after a semester's registration or the first Wednesday following a summer session registration. There is a special fee for late registration unless the student presents a legitimate medical excuse. Students registering for an off-campus course may do so at the first meeting of that class.