PRP 3264 - Student Course Requirements and Progress Information

ISSUED BY: Patrick J. Schloss Ph.D. Acting President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2004
NOTES: Approved by Representative Assembly, 2/4/81. Amended by Vice President's Advisory Council, 3/1/84. Amended by CCAA, 3/7/84. Accepted by RAX, 3/21/84. Approved by RA, 4/4/84. Amended at BUCC 4/26/95. Presented to the University Forum September 20, 1995. Amended at BUCC 1/14/04. Reported to the University Forum February 4, 2004.

  1. Within the first week of classes each semester, teaching faculty must distribute in writing, send by electronic mail, or post on the course website, at least the following information:
    a. Procedures for determining each letter grade.
    b. Any relationship of class attendance to the course.
    c. Any other course requirements.
    d. Weighting of requirements for grade computation.
    e. Procedures for making up tests or other work missed through excused absence. (See policy #3506-Class Attendance.)
  2. A faculty may post student grades providing that a student has given written permission. The grades must not identify the student. Student confidentiality must be assured when posting grades. Using Social Security Numbers or parts of Social Security Numbers is illegal. If grades are posted, each student should be given a unique identifier which is not consistent to student names listed in alphabetical order.
  3. At any time during the semester, teaching faculty shall be prepared to inform students of their academic progress, should the student request this. At the end of a semester or summer term, the final grade of each course is confidentially provided to the student and recorded on the student's permanent record.