PRP 2750 - Use of Indirect Cost Funds

Issued by: Betty Allamong, Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs
Effective Date: July 1, 1987
Notes: Endorsed by President's Cabinet, Aug. 10, 1987

The indirect cost rate approved for Bloomsburg University by the appropriate governmental agency will be applied consistently to all grant applications, except when a funding agency has set a fixed rate or had indicted that no indirect cost are allowable, or if it is impractical to claim the maximum rate. The indirect cost account will be managed by the Business Office and monitored by the Director of Grants who will provide regular updates to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Extended Programs and the Provost on the status of the account. Unused indirect cost funds may be carried forward each year.

Twenty-five (25) percent of indirect costs generated by a department or unit will be available for use by that department or unit. Guidelines for request and use of these departmentally-available funds will be determined by and funds released in writing by the department chairperson with the appropriate dean/administrator, after verification of the amount of available monies by the Director of Grants.

The remaining seventy-five (75) percent of all indirect costs generated from institutional grant projects will be managed by the Provost's Office in support of grant-related initiatives. Release of these indirect cost funds must be approved in writing by the Provost in consultation with the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Extended Programs and the Director of Grants. If sufficient funding is available, formal requests for proposals (RFPs) for use of the funds may be solicited annually by the Provost throughout the campus. Priorities for projects and funding restrictions will be determined by the Provost in advance of solicitation of RFPs.