PRP 2650 - Solicitation Policy

ISSUED BY: Sharon K. Meyer, Vice President for Administration and Finance
NOTES: Original concurrence by President's Cabinet July 29, 1988. Rev 1. approved by GAC May 8, 1989
Rev. 2 approved by GAC October 18, 2000, approved by Secretariat October 23, 2000. Endorsed by Forum November 29, 2000. Rev. 3 approved by Secretariat January 28, 2002. Endorsed by Forum February 6, 2002. GAC updated, Forum approved March 1, 2006


Solicitors and tradespersons - including students and employees assuming an entrepreneurial role - are prohibited from entering the grounds for the purpose of transacting business with members of the university community. Such prohibition shall include the posting of advertisements either upon the physical facilities or upon cars parked in university parking lots.

Solicitation via any electronic means including, but not limited to, electronic mail, voice mail or facsimile is prohibited.

To comply with eligibility requirements for Federal financial aid, donations for specific students shall not be accepted through the University.

Exceptions to this policy:

  1. Providers of academic program materials and equipment, texts or supplies, upon the explicit approval of the Provost, appropriate department Chair, or Dean.
  2. Representatives of business and industry who are invited by, or approved by, the Director of Purchasing for the purpose of demonstrating a product or service.
  3. Providers of student goods or services to be displayed in the Kehr Union, University Bookstore, Student Recreation Center or residence hall facilities upon explicit invitation by the appropriate Director.
  4. Public appeals normally sustained by the State System of Higher Education, such as the State Employees' Combined Appeal.
  5. Credit card vendors following procedures set forth in PRP 2651 as mandated by ACT 83 of 2004 (Senate Bill 157).
  6. Solicitation by a recognized campus organization or group for purposes of fundraising, charitable causes or other events.
  7. Book Buyers approved by the Provost and University Police, and who possess the appropriate ID tag/card.