Policy 0-01: Policy on Policies

Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania

  • Endorsed by the University Senate on 4/11/24
  • Issued by President Bashar W. Hanna as Policy 0-01 on 5/31/24
  • Responsible Office: Office of the President

1. Purpose

Policies are critical to creating and maintaining an environment that fosters excellence, integrity, and accountability. The purpose of this policy is to establish governing principles for the development, approval, maintenance, management, and publication of policies at Commonwealth University (CU) of Pennsylvania.

2. Scope

All members of the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania community, including students, faculty, staff, officials, volunteers, visitors, and contractors may be impacted by CU policies or related procedures, standards or guidelines.

3. Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities

3.1. Definitions

3.1.1. University: shall mean Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania

3.1.2. Policy: A formal statement of principle which may or may not apply to all University locations consistent with the statutory authority granted under Act 188 of 1982, as amended. A policy mandates, specifies, or prohibits conduct in order to enhance the institution’s mission, strategic objectives, ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote operational efficiency, and/or reduce institutional risk. The University President (or designee) may issue separate procedures, standards, or guidelines related to supporting a University policy.

3.1.3. Interim policy: An interim policy is a policy issued by the President and/or a Vice President of the University due to developing needs or situations, such as the emerging health, safety, and welfare issues of the University community; changes to applicable law, regulation or governing policy concerning University matters; upon the advice of legal counsel; to avoid liability; or other matters that require implementation of a policy governing University business.

3.1.4. Procedure: A Procedure is a written description of the operational processes necessary to implement and support a policy. A procedure represents required actions, and may include mandatory forms.

3.1.5. Standard: Standards are established criteria or requirements that define a level of quality, performance, compatibility, or consistency that is expected to be met. A standard describes required criteria, and may include mandatory forms.

3.1.6. Guideline: Guidelines provide recommendations, interpretations, administrative information, best practices guidance, or frameworks for the University administration, students or employees to follow under particular circumstances. Guidelines are informational and not mandatory.

3.1.7. PASSHE: The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

3.2. Roles and Responsibilities

3.2.1. The process for posting policies on the University’s website and the process for issuing related procedures, standards and guidelines shall be determined by the Office of the President.

3.2.2. The format of policies, procedures, standards and guidelines shall be determined by the Office of the President. Each policy and related procedure, standard and guideline will be numbered according to a subject matter category by University division or functional operation.

3.2.3. The Office of the President will be responsible for maintaining and posting to the University website an Index of Policies and related Procedures, Standards and Guidelines.

4. Policy

4.1. Issuance of policies will be in accordance with this policy and the related shared governance processes described in the University Senate Constitution.

4.2. Procedures, standards, and guidelines related to supporting a university policy may be issued, revised or rescinded by the President (or designee).

5. Compliance and Enforcement

5.1. Every University policy will undergo a regular review on a five-year cycle, with approximately 20% of the total policies inventory being reviewed each year.

5.2. All policy reviews will be conducted by the responsible division/office to assure that the policy remains relevant and aligns with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, PASSHE Board of Governors policies, and other University policies, procedures, standards, or guidelines.

6. Additional Information

6.1. Supporting Documents

6.1.1. University Policy Template

6.1.2. Commonwealth University Senate Constitution

6.2. History

6.2.1. Endorsed by the University Senate on 4/11/24; Issued as Commonwealth University Policy 0-01 on 5/31/24 by the Office of the President, which replaced Interim Policy 0-01, which replaced Bloomsburg University PRP #0101,0102,0103 dated 8/24/81; Cabinet Concurrence 7/9/94; GAC 10/27/94; Revised by GAC 2/16/95; Approved by Forum 3/22/95; Revised 2/22/01; Revised by GAC 4/5/18; Approved by Forum 9/26/18; Issued by President Bashar W. Hanna 9/26/18

6.2.2. Effective Date – 5/31/24

6.3. Related Policies – N/A

6.4. Contacts for Additional Information and Reporting
Office of the President
Commonwealth University
Attn: Daniel Knorr