CU Banner/OneSIS Faculty Training

This page contains various training materials to help you navigate the new Banner/OneSIS as a faculty/staff member.

Faculty/Advisor Self-Service



Zoom Training Sessions

This list includes upcoming and recorded sessions

Revisit this accordion menu for information on upcoming sessions and supplemental training.

Revisit this accordion menu for information on upcoming sessions and supplemental training

Banner Student - Deployment Support - Office training

Topics Include:

  • Banner Navigation
  • Student Lookup
  • Releasing and Entering Holds
  • Registration Overrides
  • Advisor Assignments
  • Creation of Faculty records
  • Posting Grades
  • Assigning Advisers
  • Course Plan

Passcode: 4Fy^ts9s

Session Recording - April 3, 2023 (1hr 7min)


Additional Faculty/Staff Training Information

Below is the PDF for the above recorded advising/registration Zoom sessions.  The PDF includes all the information included in the recorded Zoom sessions and may be used as a desk reference as faculty and staff prepare for advising. The student PDF is included to allow faculty and staff to observe what CU students are seeing, too.

Access Faculty/Staff Self-Service Training .pdf

Access Student Self-Service Training .pdf

Banner/OneSIS Faculty/Staff FAQs – Running List

Below are the Faculty/Staff FAQs, regarding Banner/OneSIS advising and registration.  It is anticipated that this list will grow, and the posted FAQs will be updated weekly, if necessary.

A period before or after a posted grade was created due to the difference in quality points across campuses during conversion.

Degree works will be available during Summer 2023. Additional information will be provided.

The IT department is actively working on making student pictures available. It may, or may
not, be available during the scheduled training.

The test environment uses current configuration built by Commonwealth Institutions and
based on best practices.

With the new OneSIS system, students will be required to complete their registration. Very
few departmental personnel will have access to register a student.

PINS will not be issued to students for registration.

Yes, the ability to view the student’s unofficial transcript is available to faculty advisors.

Yes. Using the sorting function at the column level will allow you to sort based on that

Yes, you can click and drag fields to change how data is viewed.

illustration of Carver Hall
illustration of Carver Hall

Access to Banner & Creating a Plan

Banner is now live with all student data and can be accessed here:

From here, click on the Student Self Service (PROD) button.  You will then select “Commonwealth” to sign into your account, which takes you to your SSO.  You will then select Registration and go through the steps to Plan Ahead and select courses as part of the registration process. 

Access a Step-by-Step Tutorial on Creating a Plan in Banner


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Visit MyCommonwealthU for Resources on Scheduling / Crosswalks