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Management and Leadership Training

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Management and Leadership Training

Join us online or on-site at one of our Commonwealth University campuses in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to get you trained for the 21st-century job market. Best of all, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire professional-level positions for several in-demand occupations in the field. Compete better the minute you complete your training.


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Employers have expressed a need for employee training in basic management and team leadership. Based upon input from employers, Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg has worked with the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce to offer a five-session Management and Leadership Certificate Program. The program is open and applicable to all types and sizes of employers.

  • Alternative locations and modalities are available.
  • This program is WEDnet funding eligible.

Program Information

This five-module series is designed to help participants develop and sharpen skills that relate to leading in today’s workplace environment. It is appropriate for new or emerging leaders or existing workplace leaders, managers, and supervisors who have not previously been exposed to leadership training. Throughout the series, each module will provide specific learning objectives and will be delivered by a subject matter expert who will utilize a combination of pre-session prep work, lectures, experiential learning activities and exercises, and real-world applications. Course materials will be provided and will include assessments, activities, and other learning enhancement components to help each participant individualize their learning experience.

The five, four-hour modules are:

  1. The Role of the Supervisor and Effective Communication / Listening
  2. Understanding what Motivates Employees and Change Management
  3. Coaching and Performance Management
  4. Navigating a Multigenerational and Diverse Workforce
  5. Conflict Management, Sharpening Skills and your leadership presence are valuable for navigating today’s workforce.

This series will help you prepare and improve your role as a leader.


  • A 30-minute lunch break is included as part of this program.

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illustration of Carver Hall
illustration of Carver Hall

Sharpen your management skills and leadership presence for today’s workforce

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