PRP 6211 - Complement Control Form

Issued by: Boyd F. Buckingham, V.P. for Administration
Effective Date: 08/16/78


The complement control form was developed as an aid to the hiring procedure. The process begins with the Vice President recognizing a vacancy, obtaining appropriate Affirmative Action clearance and authorizing the search process by filling out the top portion of the sheet and forwarding it to the appropriate dean or supervisor. In the case of the academic area, the dean will send it on to the appropriate department.

After the department has completed the search and is ready to make appropriate recommendations, it will fill out the departmental recommendation and the interview slot of the approval/recommendation section. The form will then be passed on through the appropriate individuals for recommendations and/or approval. Any special information that needs to be added will be noted in the special information section. Finally, the form will be returned to payroll for the payroll transaction.

Any individuals along the approval process wishing to keep a copy of the form will make the appropriate copy.

The attached flow chart shows the general flow of the form as the position is filled.


I. VACANCY (Completed by appropriate Vice President) Date: _______________________

Complement Control No. ________________________ Date Position Open: _____________________________
( ) New Type of Appointment:
( ) Replacement (Permanent) Faculty/Administrative ( )
( ) Replacement (Temporary) Non-Instructional ( )
( ) Grant ________________(specify)

Department/Unit: __________________________________________ AA #: ____________

Authorized Rank/Classification: _____________________________ Step: _____________

Authorization Signature:____________________________________ Date: _____________

II. DEPARTMENTAL RECOMMENDATION Completed by: _____________________________________
dept. chairperson/supervisor
Name: _________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Address: _______________________________________________ County: __________________

Social Security No.: ______________________________ Starting Date: __________________

Type of Appointment: a. Full-Time ( ) 1. Temporary ( )
b. Part-Time ( ) 2. Other (Please Specify)
(1) Percent _____ ______________________________________________

Classification/Rank: ______________________________________ Step: __________________________
(If different from original authorization above)

Administrative Title: _________________________________________________________________________

Salary (Annual): ________________________________________ (Bi-Weekly): _______________________

Interviewed by: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Dean/Supervisor _________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Vice President ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Affirm. Action __________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

President's Office ________________________________________ Date: ______________________________