PRP 5653 - Procedure for Requesting Facilities Management Services on Weekends, Holidays and Normal Workdays 4pm-8am

Issued by: Sharon K. Meyer, V.P. for Administration
Effective Date: July 15, 1981
Notes: Updated January, 2001 to Forum, Fall 2001. Endorsed by Forum, Fall 2001

Facilities Management services during the subject periods are limited to conditions which may cause injury or severe inconvenience to persons or may cause damage to buildings and/or equipment.

A responsible person should investigate conditions and determine if Facilities Management should be called.

If he or she decides the situation meets the conditions described above, he or she should call the University Safety, Police and Transportation Department, giving their name and telephone number, the nature and location of the problem.

University Police will call the appropriate staff from a list provided by the Executive Director of Facilities Management.

The Facilities Management staff will confirm the necessity to expend overtime funds before responding to the request for work outside of normal hours.

A Maintenance Work Order (MWO) should also be entered by the requestor.