PRP 5651 - Maintenance Work Orders

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, V.P. for Administration
Effective Date: 05/08/89


There are two ways to have work done by the Maintenance Department.

  1. By Maintenance Work Order (MWO) filled out by the party or person needing maintenance service and transmitted to the Campus Maintenance Center by computer. MWO's are to be used for repair and/or adjustment of existing building components, systems, and equipment.
  2. By Priority Project A. These are requests for renovation and construction routed through each Vice Presidential area. The window for submission of these projects will continue to be during the three (3) months of June, July, and August.

All MWO's are transmitted to the Campus Maintenance Center where they will be processed and the work assigned to a specific craft. Emergency work will receive the highest priority. Routine maintenance work will be scheduled. The sender will know when the work will be completed by checking the status of the MWO on her/his computer terminal.

So that work may be done correctly and expediently, please use the following instructions in filling out the requests for work.

  1. Enter building name and number.
  2. Give a location by an accurate description, the room number, floor, area, etc.
  3. Enter the date.
  4. Fill in the name of the requester, along with the requesting department's cost center.
  5. Fill in the telephone extension of the individual responsible for work requested.
  6. If work is required by a certain date, enter the date required.
  7. Give a complete and accurate written description of work required.
  8. Please complete a separate MWO for each area of work to be done. Please enter one (1) MWO only for each job. Contact the Campus Maintenance Center if you have reason to enter a second MWO for the same work.
  9. If Maintenance personnel are to contact someone concerning the work, give the name, telephone number, and location of the contact and when that person is available.
  10. Telephone calls should be used for calling in true emergencies only. Then a work order must be entered and transmitted by computer to the physical plant. For after-hour emergencies, the law enforcement office should be contacted.