PRP 3920 Honorary Degrees

Issued By: James K. Krause, Ed.D. Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2017
NOTES: Approved by Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients, 5/3/85. Approved by Council of Trustees, 6/12/85. Amended at BUCC 10/1/2003. Reported to the University Forum 10/15/2003. Revised by BUCC 9/7/2016. Presented at University Forum 9/28/2016.

I. Policy

Bloomsburg University wishes to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals to the institution, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to society, or to a particular academic discipline, by awarding an honorary degree. An honorary degree is an award which reflects the mission of Bloomsburg University in the areas of intellectual pursuit, culture and the arts, or public service. Such degrees should be awarded only to those individuals whose life and works exemplify the concepts of excellence, service and integrity.

II. Types Of And Criteria For Awarding Honorary Degrees

Recipients of honorary degrees will have made noteworthy contributions to Bloomsburg University, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or to society in general and will have demonstrated either meritorious achievement or scholarship in the arts and humanities, science and technology, the social sciences, education, the health profession, commerce, trade or industry. The Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients may from time-to-time modify the existing criteria.

Bloomsburg University intends to grant the following honorary degrees:

  • Doctor of Law (L.L.D.) - Distinguished service to the State, to learning, to the art of living or to mankind - a service of superior character and leadership.
  • Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) - Specific attainments and contributions in the field of science.
  • Doctor of Letters (Litt.D) - Specific attainments, contributions, and recognition in the field of literature, journalism and the drama, as a scholar, creative artist or writer of great talent and originality.
  • Doctor of Pedagogy (Pd.D.) - Special and advanced qualities, attainments, contributions and recognition as a creative and experienced educator.
  • Doctor of Commercial Science (D.C.Sc.) - Creative leadership in commerce, trade, industry or in the broad field of business.
  • Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A.) - Specific attainments and creative contributions in the fine and performing arts.
  • Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.) - Specific attainments in the humanities and the social sciences or noteworthy contributions to the well-being of humanity.

The above criteria are intended to reflect the reciprocal responsibility of the University and the individual being honored. This shared responsibility serves as the basis for awarding honorary degrees. It is also expected that the recipient, through deeds and performance, will have become an exemplary model for graduates of this and other institutions of higher education. Bloomsburg University will consider any nominee who meets the guidelines without regard to any consideration other than merit.

III. Composition Of Committee For Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients

The Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients shall consist of a total of twelve individuals distributed among the following constituencies and selected as indicated:

A. Five faculty members - they will be chosen through a nomination and election process determined by the President of APSCUF from the group listed below:

  1. One faculty member selected from the College of Liberal Arts
  2. One faculty member selected from the College of Science and Technology
  3. One faculty member selected from the College of Business
  4. One faculty member selected from the College of Education
  5. One faculty member selected at-large from the nonaligned faculty.

B. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs - this individual shall serve as permanent Chairperson of the Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients.

C. The Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

D. Two members of the Council of Trustees including the Chair and one other member appointed by the Chair [Or Chairperson.]

E. One student appointed by the President of the Community Government Association.

F. One alumnus/alumna of the university appointed by the President of the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association.

G. One member of the non-instructional staff appointed by the President of AFSCME.

IV. Term Of Service

Each member of the Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients will serve for a period of two years.

V. Procedure For Selecting Honorary Degree Recipients

The names of individuals to be considered for receipt of honorary degrees may be submitted to the Committee for Recommending Honorary Degree Recipients by any member of the Bloomsburg University community including the following:

a. Council of Trustees
b. Alumni
c. Administration
d. Faculty
e. Staff
f. Students

Nominations must be submitted to the committee by January 31 if the individual is to receive consideration for the Spring Commencement of that year and by March 1 for any other commencement. All nominations must be made in writing and should be supported by complete biographical information. Letters of nomination and biographical data will be distributed to committee members for their consideration.

Following committee deliberation, no more than three names will be submitted to the President for consideration. The President will select from among those names presented by the committee and present his/her recommendation for consideration by the Council of Trustees. The Council of Trustees will accept or reject the names presented by the President.

A nomination shall remain in an active file for a period of three (3) years should it not receive the necessary support. During that time, it may be selected by majority vote of the Committee for reconsideration. Should the nomination not gain the necessary support during the three-year period, it shall be withdrawn.

VI. Limitations

Except in extraordinary cases meriting special consideration, honorary degrees will not be awarded to active members of the Council of Trustees, administrators, or faculty of Bloomsburg University. At least one year must elapse following association with the University before former trustees, administrators, or faculty may be considered for an honorary doctorate.

In general, no more than two honorary degrees will be awarded during any one academic year, except by petition to the Board of Governors under special circumstances.

VII. Occasions For Awarding Honorary Degrees

Honorary degrees will be awarded during Commencement ceremonies of Bloomsburg University.

VIII. Relationship To The Commonwealth

All policies, procedures and guidelines contained herein shall adhere in their entirety to the duly promulgated rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.