PRP 3670 - Mid-Semester Grade Reports

Issued By: Patrick J. Schloss Ph.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2003
Notes: Approved by BUCC, 3/6/85. Approved by Academic Affairs Advisory Council, 3/13/86. Approved by Vice President's Advisory Council, 3/6/87. Revised by BUCC 10/25/95. Presented to University Forum November 8, 1995. Revised by BUCC 04/09/03. Presented to University Forum on 04/30/03.


Bloomsburg University is committed to maintaining its students in good academic standing. To assist with the accomplishment of this goal, mid-semester grade reports are issued to new students who are experiencing academic difficulty. Identified students are provided with academic support services and faculty advisors for the purpose of insuring they have the maximum opportunity to be successful.


The Registrar prepares and distributes to instructors a Mid-Semester Grade List Form for each course offered by the University. The form includes the name of each enrolled student who has completed 30 credits or less. Instructors indicate mid-semester grades of D+, D, or E and return the form to the Registrar within 96 hours of the close of business of the middle day of the semester. The Registrar issues a grade report to each identified student and provides copies to the student's faculty advisor and the Coordinator of Academic Advisement.