PRP 3612 – General Education Requirements

Issued by: James K. Krause, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: Fall 2019

Notes: For all incoming freshmen; amended by the Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee, September 19, 1990. Approved by BUCC 2/28/96. Presented to the University Forum April 3, 1996. Revised by BUCC 11/19/97. Presented to the University Forum February 11, 1998. Revised and approved by BUCC 4/18/01. Presented to the University Forum, May 2, 2001. Approved by BUCC 11/13/02. Presented to the University Forum, November 20, 2002. Revised and approved by BUCC 12/8/10. Presented to the University Forum 2/23/2011. Revised and approved by BUCC 4/11/12. Revised by BUCC on 4/5/2017. Presented to University Forum 5/3/2017. Revised and approved by BUCC 5/3/2019. Presented to University Forum 4/24/19.

General Education Purpose

General Education (GE) is the result of the entire university experience. MyCore assures broad exposure to study beyond the major to foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the world, its possibilities, and the individual’s part in it. The General Education program, based on acquiring knowledge, skills, ethical behaviors, technological competence, scientific reasoning, and cultural awareness and sensitivity will help develop each student’s ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

Description of the Program

The MyCore Program is based on achievement of ten goals for GE student learning outcomes (SLOs). Students meet the requirements of the GE program by earning General Education Points (GEPs) through successful completion of approved coursework and Co-curricular Learning Experiences (CLEs). In pursuit of providing a broad, interdisciplinary education, multiple disciplines are required for many of the goals. Students also must successfully complete foundational courses in writing and mathematics.