PRP 3557 - Academic Dismissal and Appeals Procedure

Issued by: JoAnne S. Growney, Acting Provost and VPAA
Effective Date: August, 1984
Notes: Approved by RA, 12/10/79. Amended by CCAA, 3/7/84. Approved by Vice President's Advisory Council, 4/5/84. Amended by RAX, 4/18/84. Approved by RA, 5/2/84.


  1. A student who fails to meet the minimum grade point standards for retention (see Policy #3446 Undergraduate Satisfactory Progress) is dismissed from the University, and his/her record is marked by the phrase "Academic Dismissal".
  2. A student who has been dismissed may not enroll in any university courses for a period of one calendar year. If the student wishes to resume academic work at the University, he or she must go through a readmission process.
  3. A student who has been dismissed may appeal the dismissal in accordance with the procedures below. If the student is reinstated, he/she must meet all the conditions attached to the reinstatement. These conditions include a limitation on the number of credits that may be taken and the minimum grades that must by earned. Failure to meet the conditions will again lead to academic dismissal for which there is no appeal.


  1. Each student who is academically dismissed will receive a letter, outlining the appeals process, from the Chairperson of the Academic Review Board.
  2. The Academic Review Board consists of all College Deans, the Dean of Admissions, the Registrar, the Coordinator of Academic Advisement, a designee of the Vice President for Student Life, and the Director of the Counseling Center.
  3. A student who appeals must write and submit an appeal petition to the chairperson of the Academic Review Board within the time frame stated in the dismissal notice. The petition must set forth:
    a. The reasons why the student believes he/she should be reinstated;
    b. The student's plan for meeting retention requirements.
  4. In its evaluation of a petition for reinstatement, the Academic Review Board is charged to assess carefully the likelihood that the petitioning student can meet successfully the academic requirements that he/she will face during subsequent semesters. The Board may request additional information from the student, his/her advisor or other university officials. Non-academic, as well as academic, factors may be considered if they are pertinent to the student's argument for reinstatement.
  5. If the Academic Review Board votes to reinstate the student, the Board will set forth the conditions that must be met by the student.
  6. If the Academic Review Board denies reinstatement, the dismissal is final.