PRP 3456 - Auditing of Courses

Issued by: John A. Hoch, Dean of Instruction
Effective Date: September, 1971
NOTES: Approved by the Faculty Senate, May 6, 1971.

A full-time student who is enrolled for less than seventeen hours of course work may, with consent of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and subject to attendance fees, register for one course as an auditor. If the registrant attends at least three-fourths of the regular class meetings the grade of V will be reported by the instructor and the course will be entered on the academic record without credit. No assignments are made to an auditor and no papers or examinations are accepted by the instructor for grading or record either during the period of enrollment or subsequent thereto. An auditor may not participate in laboratory or studio work if such work is part of the course audited.

A part-time student may register as an auditor, subject to the provision that when computing the fee paid by the student the course audited will be counted the same as if it were taken for credit. Individuals who are not enrolled as students may apply for audit privileges through the Dean of Extended Programs. Acceptance depends upon such factors as space in class and educational background.