PRP 2425 - Serving Refreshments Haas and Carver Auditoriums

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, V.P. for Administration
Effective Date: March 28, 1984

This policy lists guidelines for serving refreshments at events in Haas Auditorium and Carver Auditorium

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.
  2. All food and drinks are to be consumed in the lobby area only.
  3. Organizations serving refreshments are responsible for cleaning up the lobby and theater when the event is over.
  4. Ushers must be stationed at each entrance to the theater to actively prevent audience members from entering with food or drinks.
  5. Certain foods will not be allowed due to their inherently messy nature; i.e., popcorn, potato chips, peanuts, etc.
  6. Please submit the Request to Serve Refreshments in Haas or Carver Auditorium form (sample below) to the Theater Manager at least two weeks prior to your event in order to receive approval.
  7. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a suspension of this privilege.